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March 27, 2010

Modest Price: Fashion Bug (yes Fashion bug)

Moving from NYC to a small town taught me a few things. I had to cook at home more.

AND I had to find fashion inspiration wherever I can. I know that some style lovin’ girls have issues with Fashion Bug but I say don’t allow past prejudices to get in the way of your style.

One thing that I love about FB besides the prices is that they have a variety of sizes within one single store. I like the idea of going with a smaller girlfriend & being able to shop together.

Here are some cute (under $30) dresses that I have my eye on:

A Floral Skirt Dress

A Tiered Chiffon Dress

A Floral Cummurbund Dress

So, what do you think about these FB looks? Would you buy them?

February 13, 2010

This Just In!!! Walmart’s Pretty Spring HiJaBs

Ran to Walmart to get a new bathroom scale and stumbled upon these super pretty spring hijabs. What I love about them: The awesome color and crochet lines that decorate the ends & middle of the fabric. And yeah, they’re only five dollars!

February 12, 2010


This L.A.M.B @ Nordstom’s ruched plaid jacket is sporty and feminine. Perfect to pair with jeans:

The ruffles along the trim set this grey Forever 21 hoody apart:

I love the casual, yet sophisticated, look of this short trench from Banana Republic:

This suede BR coat is short and chic:

What would spring be without vibrant color?

This Faded Glory trench from Walmart boasts a magnificent green:

Butter field yellow and deep rose from Merona @ Target:

How about this grey raincoat for those April showers? Also from Target-

This light-weight blazer from Old Navy will go great with your jeans or dresses:


This fab denim jacket from Evans carries the biker look into the blooming season:

Also from Evans cute polka-dots and a natural tone trench:

Don’t sleep on this shiny green trench from Target: