February 4, 2011

On Sale Now: Unique and Beautiful Hijabs @ Hijab 411

Hijab 411 is having a 50% off hijab sale for retail orders only. Don’t miss out on picking up some of these unique and wardrobe-defining pieces. Some of these hijabs are on sale for as little $4.95!


February 4, 2011

On Sale Now: Avenue Trouser Pants

Every Modest PLUS woman knows that professional looks are a necessity, but often difficult to find when you are on the larger side of fashion.

Nevermind what you heard-The Avenue has some awesome clothes. Their jeans are quite comfy and accurately sized. PLUS they do a fine job of providing looks for those of us who work in an office/professional environment. Right now they are providing discounts on their trouser pants.

For a great job/interview look try pairing these Avenue essentials- Grey Trouser Pants with a tailored blazor and chic booties. A silk pashmina from Hijab 411 provides the perfect finishing accent.
(Avenue Grey Trousers $29.99)
(Avenue Grey Blazer $59.90)

(Giselle Seamed Booties $39.99)
(Hijab 411 Silk Pashmina 7.50)

January 30, 2011

Yoga and Missing my Blog

It seems like so long since I’ve been here. So much has been going on- I’m working at a new full time job. I’m a busy graduate student hoping to finish her dissertation. I’ve been getting back into my workouts.

When I combine those things my days are jam packed. After my morning prayers I usually do a work out, grab some oatmeal, shower, work all day, come home, cook dinner, pray, study, write and try to spend time with the hubby. Whew!

But I do love my MODEST PLUS and especially my other modest plus ladies. So I had to share with you something that I’ve been doing for a bit now. It has made me feel so strong in my body.

It’s the MegaYoga program-a yoga program designed by New York City based yoga instructor Megan Garcia. While I’ve enjoyed exercising for quite a bit now- I always assumed that the yoga poses were not for larger bodies. Actually, when I did attempt yoga the poses did not seem to work well with my larger chest and tummy.

That’s why I’m so happy I’ve found the MegaYoga program and have added it to my exercise routine. While I love some go-hard cardio-something about yoga really helps to center me in my body. My muscles have never felt so strong and long. REALLY YALL!

So if you’re lucky enough to live in or close to New York City- I hope you can try to catch a class. Here’s Megan’s website with class information http://megayoga.com/

If not click here to the order the book.

November 28, 2010

Michelle O! In Indonesia

We Muslims-can be a conceited bunch : )! We love our diverse modest clothing styles and almost always think our fashions look great or better than the skimpier stuff. Lol.

So when my mother said to me “Did you see Michelle Obama in Indonesia? Her clothes looked great!”- I took it with a grain of salt.

Lo and behold Ummi was not lying. I instantly fell in love with this outfit that the fashion savvy Michelle Obama wore while in Indonesia.

Here Michelle takes a style note from the elegant & poised school of Muslimah style. Many of us love to pair a beautiful printed long tunic or dress over classic trouser pants. This is a great look for the professional Muslimah who needs to look both tailored, feminine and modest. I love the cut of this outfit for it remains modest while also allowing the clothing (not the body) to have a distinctive shape.

But I must say something about this:

Ay dios mio! There is really no excuse for this sloppy hijab look. Everytime a high profile non-Muslim woman travels to a predominately Muslim country I lament the terribleness of the hijab style. Here it seems that the culprit is a heavy, excessively beaded scarf haphazardly wrapped around Michelle O’s head. Sigh. Her looks says it all.

A lighter, more modern, printed scarf wrapped with a little more concentration would have done her suit justice.

As an act of style diplomacy-I hope that Muslim countries begin to offer visiting high-profile women, who are wearing a headscarf, a hijab stylist, so that no more travesties like this occur and the hijab can be represented in all of its beauty ; )

November 28, 2010

Abaya Love

I’ve been so busy, busy, busy with work and life but I have not forgotten about my lovely blog or taken a break from thinking about modest (plus) fashion.

It's getting colder here in the Northeastern United States and I love the layering I can do during this season. It's the perfect season for modest fashion with an abundance of gorgeous scarves, cozy sweaters and swagger-ful boots so I can’t wait to do some winter-inspired posts, Insha’Allah!

Soooo lately I’ve found myself slipping into an abaya whenever I can-for jumuah prayer or Eidul Adha (belated Eid Mubarak <3!)This abaya is calling my name! Although it is black, I love its drama and bling. It’s only $60 and still under $100 if you choose to have it custom made.

What do you think? Is it a bit Elvira-ish? Or do you ❤ the drama?

September 18, 2010

(Fall) Weekend Casual

I love this multi-print tunic dress.
It’s perfect for browsing those Saturday yard sales/open markets or taking a Sunday stroll. I’d wear it with wide legged jeans, cardi, flats and a colorful pashmina.

Mixed bead bangle set
13 GBP – dorothyperkins.com
Metal bangle »

evans – tops & tunics – new in
27 GBP – evans.co.uk

evans – jeans & denim – clothing
30 GBP – evans.co.uk

Light Blue Pashmina (Plain)
$8.35 – scarfworld.com

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September 6, 2010

Eid Look 1 : Abaya Inspiration

Abaya is always an elegant choice for Eid. Typically, for Eid, ladies opt for the most elaborate bling, bling abaya. Yet, because we will be celebrating Eid in the United States during the summer I am inspired by lighter styles of abaya this year.

My first choice is this gold, embroidered Faryat abaya from East Essence**:


As far as hijab I think it would look great with either a similarly toned gold hijab or a sheer black hijab with gold accents both from Hijab Store Online:

Black IS my favorite color but in order to do it with a softer, summer edge I chose the boho inspired blue embroidery of this Maassama abaya also from East Essence:

You can either play up the color by wearing a bold blue hijab or go for classic elegance with a black sequined hijab:

**Side Note: I think East Essence is one of the best choices for plus size Muslimahs. You can get a custom fit abaya for a reasonable price. When combining the cost of shipping in addition to customization you still end up with a bargain : )

August 31, 2010


I received this email from East Essence today and wanted to share it with any of the younger women out there who are undergraduates. The deadline for the essay is September 4th. It sounds like a great opportunity! Info below.

Results will be declared on 12th September
EastEssence.com academic Scholarship program “Class of 2010”

EastEssence.com is very thankful to all our customers and our community for supporting us through the mission of promoting Modest clothing in our communities. We at EastEssence.com are supporting multiple charitable programs all over the world with all this support and help from everyone out there. We have now decided to take our mission a step further by promoting education in our community. With that in mind EastEssence.com is proud to announce a student scholarship program that will be awarded to a total of seven deserving students. The criteria for awarding the scholarships will include academic achievement, economic need, and the demonstration of character.

The scholarships provided will be upto $5000 (towards tuition fees) per student per year and will be provided to seven Undergraduate students majoring in any recognized educational field. The first EastEssence.com scholarships will be awarded in early September 2010.

To qualify for the scholarship we would like to receive a brief 3 paragraph note (limited to below 500 words) on why you feel you deserve this scholarship. Please remember you will need to display your economic need, highlight your academic achievements and also demonstrate strong character in your writeup. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by our screening committee that will include some prominent personalities from the community. All winners will be notified by the first week of September and the scholarships will be awarded immediately.

Please email all your writeups to:

Please do not call to ask for information. We will prefer to receive emails on this address for any questions you might have. We are starting this program for the first time to supplement EastEssence.com’s other philanthropic activities so please feel free to provide us any form of feedback for this program. For all feedback or questions please email:


Please forward this email to all friends or relatives who you feel may be a good candidate for the scholarships.
We will soon be introducing some more exciting programs for the community so please stay tuned and watch out for our emails.

August 29, 2010

Video Clip: Rabia Z Hijab Style Tips

There is also an article and photo gallery to accompany the video. Hat tip to Mariam Sobh of Hijabtrendz for first alerting her readers to the initial article : ) If you want to stay on top of all things Rabia Z friend her on Facebook.

I’ve become a fan of the jersey hijab style lately. Although, I find because of my rounder face that I have to work to add a little bit of volume to the jersey hijab-as it tends to cling. When I wear jersey material as hijab I use a flower clip that I made myself after watching Hegab Rehab’s instructional video.

Which styles do you like, amigas?

August 26, 2010

Modest Find: Tie Dye Maxi Skirt

I adore this tie dye maxi skirt from Evans.

I think it would be great paired with a black tank, jean jacket, burgundy scarf for color, peep toe black wedges (love those!) and a flash of silver bangles. How would you style it?