MP FiT Coach: Tips & Motivations


Yes to Health-NO TO DEPRIVATION! We’ve all experienced it before. Your bestie or acquaintance tells you about the new INCREDIBLE DIET that she is on. She doesn’t eat __________ anymore. She substitutes lunch, breakfast or dinner with this __________. You look at her across your turkey sandwich on whole grain skeptically. Fast forward six weeks later and everyone’s talking about said friend’s weight loss. You can’t help feeling jealous as she twirls around in her jeans. She couldn’t even zip them before. She’s lost x amount of weight and all you’ve managed in six weeks was four measly pounds. Maybe her diet was the golden ticket!

Or maybe not. The odds are she will not be on that diet four months from now. Instead-at your next lunch date she’ll be asking the waiter for another _______ -the food that was forbidden to her only four months before! She’ll be eating said food with an intensity you’ve never seen, barely chewing, swallowing it delightfully-her eyes glazed over. Yeah it’s a little gross-but don’t be too disgusted. The girl is starving!

As recently pointed out on an episode of Dr. Oz- the number one mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is participating in a deprivation diet. They starve themselves (without really knowing it) and once they can’t take it anymore-and try to eat normally and healthily they pack on the weight they have lost and more.

The sad fact is that our culture celebrates deprivation diets. Next time you’re at the grocery store check out the covers of the magazines in the check out line. Some celebrity is either in a bikini talking about how much weight she loss in 6 weeks or some new fad diet is being touted.

Look if your goal is to live like a celebrity it girl-squeezing into a dress for an awards show or movie for a small period of time-then okay. But be warned-losing weight in a drastic, unsafe & fadish manner is a huge strain on you body and your emotions. You will be hungry most of the time & the weight will come back with a vengeance.

But if your goal is to be a fitter, happier, balanced person- Just Say no to deprivation diets. Eat healthily and happily without forbidding foods. Talk to a nutritionist about how to eat. Have a treat if you like-when you like. And never forget that healthy eating should not be painful but a joy to your body and your spirit: )


GET MOVING **EVERY DAY**!!! Yes, I said everyday! The truth is that our lives have become extraordinarily sedentary. Between the internet, at home movies and office life we can find ways to pass the hours that involve little to no movement. Yet, our bodies are constantly yearning for movement. Consistent, fun & joyous movement. We get inundated with gimmicks telling us that we all we need is 10 minutes of this or 15 minutes of this & we will be magically THIN! The reality is that those magic potions don’t work.

Consistent, fun & joyous movement is not about magic. It is about allowing our bodies to get the exercise that they crave and deserve. Actually I believe that exercise has the potential to make us change our goals and mentality around what we want our bodies to do or be. When you find joy in movement you will stop worrying about what size you wear and focus on other goals like walking the entire park, biking to the grocery store or learning how to jog for 5 minutes straight.

Find different physical activities that you love to do and do them everyday** consistently. Yes, everyday might seem like a headache but I’m not saying that you have to start there. But you need to make it a priority that you will do physical activity most days of the week. Start with 3 days and work your way up to five.

Does this mean I have to join a gym? No, not necessarily. The great thing about a gym membership is that you have access to lots of different equipment & when the weather is bad you can still take an indoor walk. But you can easily do things at home. Yet, when the sun starts shining GET OUTSIDE! At home we can easily be distracted by the computer, phone, television, husband or kids.

But you said, fun, right? I don’t find exercise or the gym fun. Ya know what? Most people don’t LOVE the gym. Sometimes I really love the gym. I put on my headphones and after the first 10 minutes I find myself entering a meditative zone. My mind and body seem at one. Other times I’m distracted by the sounds and smells. So I exercise somewhere else. Try different things and see what works for you.

Play basketball with some friends for 30 minutes to an hour. Walk for 10 minutes throughout the day. 10 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hey that’s 30 minutes! PLAY HOPSCOTCH FOR 15 minutes. Jump rope. Dance to 5 of your favorite songs straight through.

And ladies, forego wearing those heels all the time. Yes, fashionistas this means you too. Promise yourself that you’ll put on some comfortable (cute, stylish) sneakers some days and just walk. You will move much faster and safer without those Jimmy Choos. And Your feet will thank you!

SHOP FIT! I don’t think it is necessary to ”look good” when you are practicing healthy movement or working out. But sometimes a little bit of fashion adds a boost, if not to your work-out, to your perception of exercise. For instance-I am a total earth tones girl. Yet the other day while browsing in one of my favorite stores I spotted a lavender-pink jumpsuit. Something about it put me in the mood for spring. It’s boldness also made me feel inspired about my commitment to exercise MOST of the days of the week. I bought it with the hopes of wearing it to walk in the park as the air begins to warm. But guess what??? I couldn’t wait.
I’m wearing it now-on my way to walk some laps at the gym. And I feel great : )


Be prepared. Many of us are familiar with the concept of grazing when it comes to eating. It became a big fad many years ago-the idea that one can eat lightly throughout the day. Whether you embrace grazing or not- I think it is important to understand that you might get hungry outside of typical meal times. Two things that help me eat balanced throughout the day is to have foods ready to eat that I won’t regret later.

I try to prepare a huge tossed salad every few days so that I have it on hand.
I find that it goes great with a bowl of soup for dinner or nicely rounds out a quickie microwave meal lunch. The bulk of my salad is vibrant greens, accompanied by a diced cucumber, tomato and zesty red onion.

I also keep snacks in my car. Yup, in the car. I commute a lot and I would rather have something on hand then find myself eating something greasy and over processed.

My favorite car snack is natural-unsalted almonds.

Being prepared helps me to stay balanced and on target with my eating. It might just help you, too : )


Tip: Visualization is a strategy for success. See yourself where you want to be. No-don’t force yourself into any strict idea of perfection. But instead-think about the things you want to accomplish as a fitter, healthier you. For instance, today as I did my 30 minutes on the elliptical I imagined myself in the spring beginning to lightly jog around my favorite park to exercise I’A. I saw my body in motion. I imagined the beauty that is the Creator”s changing seasons. Through his mercy everything is possible if you are open and willing.


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