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February 22, 2011

Modesty & Sexuality: We’re Not NUNS

Or just cuddly mamas. Or side-kick friends. Or good personalities. Or less attractive. Or desperate.

We’re sexual beings who have and enjoy sex. Yes, yes it’s true.

A-hem. Glad I got that off my chest. If you are a Muslim women who wears hijab, people are sometimes fascinated that you take “that scarf” off at all. Even-in-the-shower.

Mainstream media loves to highlight images of hijab wearing women shopping for lingerie as if it is some type of inherent contradiction. Look at those covered women looking at naughty stuff!

When you are a modest plus women you face other obstacles. Society doesn’t make living in your body easy- whether you are a size 12 or a size 32. It is hard to connect with your sexuality and feel positive about your body. What can I say? Haters are gonna hate.

You are not always going to feel good. That’s just the truth. BUT dressing up for intimacy (getting that extra lift and cinge so to speak) can go a long way in making you FEEL SEXY in your body and help you to create AN AMAZING atmosphere in the bedroom.

So let’s talk lingerie MP Women.

I like it and I think that it really can help you feel all VA-VA-VOOM. If you are a bit sensitive about certain areas of your body-use lingerie to enhance and conceal. It will help you be more in the moment and less self-conscious.

Here are some pieces that I like. You can thank me later ; )

(Babydoll & Knickers Set)

(Hot Pink Lace Panel Set)

(Black & champagne body suit)

(Red Bra & Knickers Set)

(Polka-Cami Set)

(Waist Cinger Set)

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November 28, 2010

Michelle O! In Indonesia

We Muslims-can be a conceited bunch : )! We love our diverse modest clothing styles and almost always think our fashions look great or better than the skimpier stuff. Lol.

So when my mother said to me “Did you see Michelle Obama in Indonesia? Her clothes looked great!”- I took it with a grain of salt.

Lo and behold Ummi was not lying. I instantly fell in love with this outfit that the fashion savvy Michelle Obama wore while in Indonesia.

Here Michelle takes a style note from the elegant & poised school of Muslimah style. Many of us love to pair a beautiful printed long tunic or dress over classic trouser pants. This is a great look for the professional Muslimah who needs to look both tailored, feminine and modest. I love the cut of this outfit for it remains modest while also allowing the clothing (not the body) to have a distinctive shape.

But I must say something about this:

Ay dios mio! There is really no excuse for this sloppy hijab look. Everytime a high profile non-Muslim woman travels to a predominately Muslim country I lament the terribleness of the hijab style. Here it seems that the culprit is a heavy, excessively beaded scarf haphazardly wrapped around Michelle O’s head. Sigh. Her looks says it all.

A lighter, more modern, printed scarf wrapped with a little more concentration would have done her suit justice.

As an act of style diplomacy-I hope that Muslim countries begin to offer visiting high-profile women, who are wearing a headscarf, a hijab stylist, so that no more travesties like this occur and the hijab can be represented in all of its beauty ; )