Modesty & Sexuality: We’re Not NUNS

Or just cuddly mamas. Or side-kick friends. Or good personalities. Or less attractive. Or desperate.

We’re sexual beings who have and enjoy sex. Yes, yes it’s true.

A-hem. Glad I got that off my chest. If you are a Muslim women who wears hijab, people are sometimes fascinated that you take “that scarf” off at all. Even-in-the-shower.

Mainstream media loves to highlight images of hijab wearing women shopping for lingerie as if it is some type of inherent contradiction. Look at those covered women looking at naughty stuff!

When you are a modest plus women you face other obstacles. Society doesn’t make living in your body easy- whether you are a size 12 or a size 32. It is hard to connect with your sexuality and feel positive about your body. What can I say? Haters are gonna hate.

You are not always going to feel good. That’s just the truth. BUT dressing up for intimacy (getting that extra lift and cinge so to speak) can go a long way in making you FEEL SEXY in your body and help you to create AN AMAZING atmosphere in the bedroom.

So let’s talk lingerie MP Women.

I like it and I think that it really can help you feel all VA-VA-VOOM. If you are a bit sensitive about certain areas of your body-use lingerie to enhance and conceal. It will help you be more in the moment and less self-conscious.

Here are some pieces that I like. You can thank me later ; )

(Babydoll & Knickers Set)

(Hot Pink Lace Panel Set)

(Black & champagne body suit)

(Red Bra & Knickers Set)

(Polka-Cami Set)

(Waist Cinger Set)

**You can find everything featured above here**


5 Comments to “Modesty & Sexuality: We’re Not NUNS”

  1. Salam!

    Nice post. When I first started wearing hijab I was still at university. I remember walking into the ecture theatre for the first time. There was a young man who used to sit next to me every lecture, and when he saw me he was gobsmacked. He said, “but aren’t you married? How can you be a muslim nun and be married?”

    I suppose those who are ignorant of Islam, really do think we are nuns, or at least associate us with nuns, who are celibate.

    • Salaam Houda! That is so funny. You really confused him, huh : )

      I am not, by any means, dissing nuns or people of other faiths. I just want people to get that Muslim women do not have to remain virgins Or celibate. And larger women are just as into sex. And our partners are into us too!

      In fact, I would say it is the TOTAL opposite. I’ve found many Muslim women to be really in touch with their own sense of attractiveness and sensuality.

  2. Alot of muslimas rave about how, even though we should dress modestly in public, we can let go at home and “look sexy for our husbands”. But you know what? My husband doesn’t like it! He actually prefers me to look modest- minus the hijab, of course! – even when it’s just the two of us. So go figure…

    • That is interesting : ) I guess everyone has his/her preference. Not everyone finds the same things desirable or attractive. It’s up to you and your partner to decide what works for you.

  3. aSalaam uAlaikum…
    I can remember really struggling with this when I first started wearing hijab. I was a relatively new convert (I reverted in May 2006 alhamdulillah and started wearing hijab that same December) and my husband was not particularly happy about my decision to wear hijab. Alhamdulillah he has come around and now loves it. But I can remember when I started wearing hijab my whole attitude changed, inside the house and outside. It eventually really affected my marriage (in not such a good way) until one day my husband finally told me “You know you CAN look sexy for me!” and I realized he was right.
    Since then I’ve made it a point to buy a new piece of lingerie every couple of months. I have a box full of sexy little pieces, some fierce animal print, some girly pink with frills…you get the point. Like you said, it helps ME to feel better about myself during our “husband and wife” time, because I can use them to hide the parts of my body I’m uncomfortable with, yet I’m still looking all hot for my hubby. 🙂
    Mash’Allah way to go for posting about this, I think it’s a topic too many sisters are afraid to discuss. But as long as we’re not disclosing anything too personal, I think it’s an important point to make. Just like you said, we are hijabis..NOT nuns.
    I am definitely following you now. Check my blog out too insh’Allah!

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