“Where have all the Iman make-up products gone?!” Years ago, this was the question I asked a lovely sales representative as I stood baffeled in my local Target.

“They got rid of them to introduce some new stuff into the cosmetics department” was her non-chalant reply.



Okay so I was being a bit dramatic. (And, thankfully, IMAN products are back in Target!) Yet, if you are a women of color whose complexion demands a broader selection of make-up options, you might understand the sense of disappointment I felt. I have tried numerous affordable make-ups but nothing takes the place of my IMAN make-up, especially when it comes to one product. Don’t get me wrong- I like BENEFIT, NARS, SHISEIDO and MAC PRODUCTS. But nothing can take the place of IMAN’S STICK FOUNDATION! It is super blendable, creamy and comfortable to wear.

(Available for $14.99 @ Target)

I also am enjoying the look and feel of the IMAN line of lip glosses.

(Available for $9.99 @ Target)


One Comment to “MP Make Up Files: IMAN COSMETICS”

  1. I love the second-to-none semi-loose powder, it’s a must have. I have the bronzer too. Never tried the foundation.

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