I received this email from East Essence today and wanted to share it with any of the younger women out there who are undergraduates. The deadline for the essay is September 4th. It sounds like a great opportunity! Info below.

Results will be declared on 12th September
EastEssence.com academic Scholarship program “Class of 2010”

EastEssence.com is very thankful to all our customers and our community for supporting us through the mission of promoting Modest clothing in our communities. We at EastEssence.com are supporting multiple charitable programs all over the world with all this support and help from everyone out there. We have now decided to take our mission a step further by promoting education in our community. With that in mind EastEssence.com is proud to announce a student scholarship program that will be awarded to a total of seven deserving students. The criteria for awarding the scholarships will include academic achievement, economic need, and the demonstration of character.

The scholarships provided will be upto $5000 (towards tuition fees) per student per year and will be provided to seven Undergraduate students majoring in any recognized educational field. The first EastEssence.com scholarships will be awarded in early September 2010.

To qualify for the scholarship we would like to receive a brief 3 paragraph note (limited to below 500 words) on why you feel you deserve this scholarship. Please remember you will need to display your economic need, highlight your academic achievements and also demonstrate strong character in your writeup. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by our screening committee that will include some prominent personalities from the community. All winners will be notified by the first week of September and the scholarships will be awarded immediately.

Please email all your writeups to:

Please do not call to ask for information. We will prefer to receive emails on this address for any questions you might have. We are starting this program for the first time to supplement EastEssence.com’s other philanthropic activities so please feel free to provide us any form of feedback for this program. For all feedback or questions please email:


Please forward this email to all friends or relatives who you feel may be a good candidate for the scholarships.
We will soon be introducing some more exciting programs for the community so please stay tuned and watch out for our emails.


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