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June 26, 2010

Cute Summer Dresses @ Faith 21

My fave summer dresses available @ Faith 21.

*Belted Bold Stripes Dress*

*Wave Vision Dress*

MY FAVE *Sweet Couple Dress*

Check out Faith 21 dresses here.

June 24, 2010

Where to Shop: Jen’s Fashion Plus

All the cool girls are shopping at Jen’s Fashion Plus– an ebay shop with on-trend clothing for the fabulously curvy/voluptuous chica.

Look at these incredible pieces (all under $30!!!) that have been featured in the shop:

(a white cotton tube dress with pretty details on the bottom- I would love to pair this with a cardigan and dark jeans)

(light white blazer that can be dressed up or down)

And modest ladies- her maxi dresses are ALWAYS on point:

For more on Jen’s Fashion Plus you can head on over to the blog or stay up on new items up for bidding by friending the shop on Facebook here.

June 9, 2010

I like to Dingle-Dangle

I’m realizing now that that when it comes to accessories I have been inspired by two main people for most of my life.

Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink

and my grandmother. It makes perfect sense. Remember in Pretty in Pink when Blaine takes Andy to that terrible party and some chic makes fun of Andy’s pearls? The point is that Andy showed up to that boring-bland party kind of grandmotherly in pearls. Andy’s accessory sense was indeed older lady funky.


Um, it’s definitely not Posh-Spice. But since I was a kid I loved the way older women accessorize. Everytime I visited my grandmother’s house during the summers I would raid her closets- coming back with big necklaces, crocheted hats and oversized handbags.

As a hijabi I find that I resist the cookie cutter aspects of Muslimah style through my accessories and their homage to ❤ Grandma Daisy ❤ and Molly. So you can usually find my hijab accompanied by a little dingle-dangle

A little silver:

A green bead and gold wire thrift store find:

The best part- you don’t need a ton of money to find great signature necklaces : )

June 6, 2010

Jill Rocks Monif C (and you can too!)

Doesn’t Jill Scott look absolutely gorgeous in these Monif C dresses?!!

(photos featured in May 2010 Essence magazine)

Monif C’s Marilyn convertible dress is a versatile must have. You can wear it shorter:

or you can wear it long:

Monif C plus size fashions are fun, stylish and easily accomodates a modest girl’s wardrobe. If in or visiting New York City check out her boutique or shop online!