Why Modest PLUS??? My Mission & Tyra’s TOO : )

Indonesian fashion designer Hannie Hananto (rt)

I started this blog for a number of reasons. As an outlet from my day to day work. As a way to talk about the styles and fashions that I love. But to also go beyond modesty as a mode of dress in order to emphasize it as a way of being a contemporary woman.

As a larger women negotiating in a society that beats us over the head with thinness in the disguise of health I wanted an outlet to be unabashedly POSITIVE about body image. Although I love most of the fashion and style blogs (modest/non-modest and Muslim/non-Muslim) that I read I find that many times people are writing from perspectives that centralize certain body types and marginalizes others. I also find myself bristling at body negative comments that undermine women in various posts and within commments.

In addition the visual imagery that some bloggers use often normalizes excessively thin bodies. For instance, I find that many fashion and style bloggers may feature plus size clothing items but they do not make sure to actually show plus size models or non-thin bodies. What makes this more interesting is that the majority of women-outside of the fashion industry-are actually the size of what constitutes a plus size model in the fashion world. So in actuality we are feeding ourselves myths of beauty that negate our reality.

I have made the conscious decision to show a variety of body types and skin colors on this blog-thin, curvy, plus-size, short, tall, disabled and able-bodied. I will show thin models but I will also show larger models. I will make sure that my images are ethnically diverse. I don’t think it is healthy to segregate people based on arbitrary distinctions.

I am committed to spreading positivity through this blog. I will not say negative things about women’s bodies. While I will promote healthy living I will not concentrate on fitting into any cookie cutter mold but on healthy eating and movement.

Beauty comes in all different sizes, shapes and colors. It is time that we stop saying this as simple rhetoric and start living it as a reality. Our daughters and little sisters need to believe this because they will face a harsh world and they need the strength and backbone to stare the naysayers’ hatred down.


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