Style Remix: Black Abaya 3 Ways

The abaya (pronounciation a-buy-a) is a garment worn by women in some parts of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia and is increasingly worn all over the world. It is usually long-sleeved, floor-length, and is worn from either the shoulder or the top of the head. Although it can come in a variety of colors and styles it is most often associated with the color black. The abaya can be plain, can be blinged-out with crystals or seqins Emirati style, or it can be heavily embroidered with colorful thread.

Many women wear the abaya as a convient go-to for religious occasions, prayer or everyday use. Here are three style options.

For the office a slimmer abaya is matched with a longer colorful cardigan.

Here I created an abaya look that combined traditional black with plisse-esque sleeves and denim bottom for a modern-unique style.

This final abaya option combines the beauty of an elaborate rose-detailed cardi with a demure empire waist.


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